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Rotisserie Restoration

The Chemical Stripping process  is a non-destructive alkaline electro-chemical derusting process. No metal loss or hydrogen embrittlement results, unlike processes using acids or abrasive cleaning. Parts up to 20' feet long and 10 tons can be handled.


We can  have electrocoating (E-Coating) services as a primer. This is an immersion process where the entire car is placed in a bath and electrical voltage is used to attract the paint to all areas of a part, including inaccessible areas such as the inside of frame rails and rocker panels. A black cathodic epoxy coating is used which is identical to the process used by most auto manufacturers. Prior to E-coating a zinc phosphate coating is applied.

E-Coating is compatible with any finish coat, including powder coatings or solvent based paints. It provides superior corrosion protection , especially when followed by a powder coat topcoat.

Typical applications include auto bodies , frames and misc. parts, requiring superior corrosion resistance.