Email us for more a build spec sheet on our cars, or for more information regarding any of our other projects. We are willing and able to build what you want.† Prices on our popular Eleanor GT 500 Custom Fastbacks as well as our other models are surprisingly affordable.















Payment Plans

We offer different prices for different services and most prices are determined by individual needs and desires. For restoration projects we offer a few different solutions for those of you that donít want to have to break the bank up front for your restoration.

1.† 70/30 plan. You pay 70% of the agreed restoration price up front and the remaining 30% is due upon completion. Itís that simple

2.† 50% up front plan. You pay 50% of the agreed restoration price up front and then you will be billed monthly during the process of your restoration based on labor, parts, and materials until the completion of the project. In this scenario, your last months bill will complete the billing process and your car will be completed.

3.† Lastly we have the 50/50 even plan. You pay 50% of the agreed restoration price up front and the 50% balance is paid in even monthly installments agreed between you, the customer, and Commercial Automotive with the final payment paid prior to delivery of the vehicle.

If you would like to customize any of these payment options to better suit your needs, we are more than willing to listen to any ideas that you would like to try.


Get Financing For Your Dream Machine! If you are interested in buying one of our pre-restored vehicles on eBay or off of eBay directly from us and need finance assistance these companies can help.†

J.J. Best Banc & Co.


Capital One Auto Finance




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